Donut Friend | Restaurant Review | *

  • Overall Experience

Let’s just cut to the chase with this one. Donut Friend makes the best doughnuts I’ve ever had. Period. This review is over! Seriously… what more is there to say?!

Ok ok, I suppose I’ll keep writing for those who care for a bit more detail. Even though it’s only a 2 hour drive away, I hardly ever spend time in Los Angeles. Apparently it’s the mecca of all things vegan/plantbased though so I’ve literally got a LOOONNGGG list of places to eat for when I’m in the area. Donut Friend has been on that hit list for quite a while now, ever since seeing photos of their drool-worthy doughnuts pop up all over my Instagram with special thanks to VeganFatKid, my Instagram soul mate! They’re fun, creative, colorful, and absolutely delicious. So much so, I’ve awarded the title of this review with a * which means that it has earned a spot on my list of favorites, aka put this place on your TODO list whilst in LA!

  1. Atmosphere/Ambiance – Donut Friend is located on an unassuming street, in an unassuming neighborhood. We arrived around 9am on a Saturday morning and found street parking relatively easy, with just a short walk away. There was a line to enter the shop which quickly moved along, and the shop’s interior is casual. You’ll walk up to a bar with doughnuts displayed behind a glass, and work your way towards the front/cashier where you’ll have an option of customizing your doughnuts with different fillings, toppings, and even ice cream (all vegan of course)! Feeling less than creative that day, we went for their signature collection of flavors (x6). Along the opposite wall were bar/stool seating, where we literally took a bite of each one before leaving. The doughnuts are affordable, especially given how unique they are!
  2. Cleanliness – Hats and gloves were worn by the associates. We didn’t feel turned off by anything unsanitary.
  3. Service – The staff were patient and polite, quickly boxing up our doughnut selections and ringing us up. I only wish we had noticed that there was a physical menu we could’ve glanced at prior to arriving at the bar. The menu is also available online.  All of the beautiful doughnuts were clearly labeled with names and descriptions, yet we felt a tad bit rushed because we had only seen them once it was our turn at the counter; there was a large selection to choose from and a long line behind us, but we can chalk that up to being a rookie mistake. Next time I’ll come prepared!
  4. Food –  Take a look at the photo, starting from the top and going left to right. We ordered the: Polar Berry Club, Custard Front Drive, Panda Berry, Youth Brulée, Green Teagan and Sara, and the Fritter Seems Forever. We could’ve (should’ve) easily ordered more; I’m looking at you Bacon 182 and Drive Like Jelly! Next time… Alex’s favorite was the Youth Brulée which I’m sure you could guess by the name, was like a creme brulée and doughnut had a baby. Heavenly! Even though they were all amazing, with a dough that’s soft, fluffy, and not too sweet, my favorite was the apple fritter because I haven’t had a fritter since transitioning and I was prepared to never have one again honestly. But the universe loves me after all!
  5. Would we go back? Absolutely! We’d literally be here every day; thank goodness we don’t live close enough to turn that dream into a reality!

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