It’s officially summer time and the fourth of July is right around the corner. Tis the season to fire up the barbies! As a whole food plant-based advocate, throw on a portobello mushroom cap for me please!

However, I know that there are plenty of people who are interested in/or are transitioning to a vegan diet and just won’t be satisfied with a mushroom burger, especially on such a traditional grilled hamburger/hotdog type of holiday. Where’s the beef? To help set them up for success, I’ve purchased three mock-meat products and am putting them to the test against each other as well as my meat-loving fiancé, Alex.

I invite you to watch our review, but below is a little recap with our combined average score. If you like this video/post, please give it a thumbs up to let me know and I’ll see about doing more brand battles in the future! In particular, there’s still another week left til the fourth so perhaps we can do this again but with hotdogs!

  1. Field Roast – Out of the three, I prefer the flavor of this product the most though it was a bit on the oily side. I could taste the blend of grains and veggies, and appreciated its depth of flavors and chewy texture.
  2. Beyond Meat – I knew Alex was going to love this one because he quite enjoys Veggie Grill and they use this brand for their burgers if I’m not mistaken. While it lacked a bit in flavor for my personal taste (preferring the fuller flavor profile of burger #1), out of the three (and any meat alternative product I’ve ever had) this one wins in terms of mocking a real beef patty! It literally looks like beef in its package and mocks its texture freakishly well. So well that if you’re already well into veganism, this product may still be disturbing to you! This is the one to buy for those who still want to enjoy a traditional burger, guilt and cruelty free! It’s the perfect transition product.
  3. Gardein – I started my transition to a vegan diet about two years ago and remember enjoying this product, but times have changed so quickly! With more and more options on the market, this one quickly fell into third place. We tasted the patties without any fixings, and this one was the most bland with a crumbly texture.