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Call me nosy, but I’m always curious to know what apps and/or subscription services people are subscribed to, if any at all. Like, what services do you love so much that you keep spending your hard earned cash on every single month? I genuinely would like to know! Feel free to leave a comment about your favs and why. I bet I could learn a lot about you based off your answer!

I know money-wise,  sub services quickly add up! Nonetheless, I’m a sucker for them anyway, especially snack boxes (like Vegan Cuts and UrthBox), but I also go through my phases. So I thought I’d list out my current favorite subscription services with a brief description for why I think they’re worth it.

  1. Run Keeper (yearly subscription: $39.99) This is the only app I’m subscribed to annually. That’s how much I like it! This past year I have experienced a huge transformation in my health and fitness, and it all started with downloading this app. Not only does it collect useful data about your activity and metrics, it also has programs built in that literally tell you what to do when. When I first started working out, I could only run for like 8 minutes. With the help of run keeper I used a run-walk interval training program and can now run a half marathon, or maybe even further (though I haven’t pushed myself that hard yet)! I also love how I can sync this app with nearly anything, like Spotify, My Fitness Pal and Fit Bit.
  2. Bikini Body Guide (monthly subscription: $19.99) If I could purchase an annual subscription to this app/program, I would. I use it religiously enough to warrant a yearly membership for sure (which is currently not offered)! I’ve also purchased the book just so that I could meet Kayla (the author/trainer) in person, at a meet n greet book signing. I was first introduced to this program last October and have been a huge fan ever since, mainly because you can do her workouts anywhere! No special equipment is needed for her traditional program (she has multiple programs now), the app is very user friendly, and it also comes with a meal plan suitable for many dietary needs, yes even Vegan. Also, the #bbgcommunity are a fantastic bunch of women! It has been fun being a part of it, cheering each other on!
  3. Audible (monthly subscription: $14.95) I wish I were one of those Youtubers who could offer a special discount code for you to give Audible a go, mainly because I honestly do love it! Even though I knew Audible existed, I’ve only been subscribed to it for the past two months and it has been so good. The truth is, I hardly ever have time to sit down and read a book anymore. When/if I do, it takes me forever to get through it. Now I listen to my books every day on my commute to and from work. It feels empowering to gain knowledge during these “wasted times” where I used to zone out to music that I’ve heard over and over again, whilst stuck in traffic. Now I feel like my time spent commuting is also productive, and I’ve truly enjoyed the books I’ve chosen so far: “Proteinaholic” and “The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind“.
  4. Forks Over Knives Meal Planner (monthly subscription: $19.99) This is one of those apps that I totally do not need, because I could totally make a meal plan of my own, yet I continue to love and pay for their guidance anyway. I’ve tried several meal services before, such as the ones that deliver ingredients for you to cook (Purple Carrot), to even ones that’d deliver pre-cooked frozen meals. While I would recommend Purple Carrot for its convenience and delicious meals, I’ve appreciated this meal planner because even though it’s a bit more work, it has made meal prepping so easy and I always feel prepared, which helps me to stay on track. I’ll admit that my LOVE for Forks Over Knives makes me a bit biased too. Every Thursday a new weekly menu is sent to me, as well as a shopping list and prep tips. I do my grocery shopping every Sunday, and simply follow their recommendations for prep work. During the week, if the meals aren’t prepared, all it takes is assembling a few ingredients that’s already ready to go thanks to the prep tips! I can customize my plan if something  doesn’t suit my taste, and I’ve found that when I’m lazy, deciding to wing it for the week instead of shopping/prepping ahead of time, I ALWAYS regret it. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. I also appreciate that the meals typically can feed two people, so I’ll always have leftovers to grab and hardly any waste.
  5. Upcase (monthly subscription: $29 ) With a lot of hard work and determination, I’ve been able to change my career from a non-technical one to software engineering within a year. Crazy, I know! Lucky for all of us, there are plenty of resources out there to introduce someone to code, but not many services that help you level up once you’ve got the hang of the basics. That’s where Upcase comes in. There are several tracks and videos aimed to help you advance in your career as a developer. For instance, I’ve become proficient with tooling like VIM, the command line, Git/Github workflow, and practices like Test Driven Development. I will admit that this is a subscription I haven’t been the most consistent with, cancelling some months only to rejoin later (mostly due to the amount of spare time I have), but I’ve recently resubscribed and the learning just never stops.

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