June Intentions

  1. Do a headstand every day: I remember when my Yoga teacher first asked us to do a headstand, not too long ago. My reaction: “Do a what? Why? HOW??”. Even though she walked us through the basic tripod stance, I still lost my balance and fell, nearly losing my wig in the process in front of everybody! Since then I’ve been determined to master it and I can’t believe how much I’ve progressed in such little time! Each month I’d like to practice and master a different yoga pose.
  2. Meditate, first thing each morning: I have been using an app called HeadSpace for my morning guided meditation practice and am currently taking the foundation course called “Basics”. So far I’ve really enjoyed their animated explanation of techniques, as it helps me to visualize and understand different concepts. My goal is to meditate for at least 10 minutes each day.
  3. No scrolling (social media) during mealtimes: Lately I’ve been especially sensitive to how often I mindlessly scroll through social media. No matter the setting, I find myself frequently checking my phone for no real reason at all. It has become a habit and Instagram is the main culprit. At some point I’d like to practice weekly digital detoxes where I’ll literally delete the app off of my phone for 24 hours. But we’ll start with baby steps by banning social media from my meal times, (after I take a photo of it of course). That photo often turns into an instant post which then turns into an hour wasted on social media whilst mindlessly eating my meals, ignoring any and all hunger/fullness cues. Instead, I’d like to practice gratitude before consuming meals, and be in the moment to truly enjoy and appreciate how it nourishes my body and helps me thrive. Posting the actual photo can wait.
  4. Try something new, that you’re afraid of: I’ll be taking a Hip Hop class this Sunday! I have always been fascinated with dance and would often dream about being a backup dancer to a Beyoncé concert… but I’m so uncoordinated! I am not the type of person who’d run to the dance floor, in fact, I avoid them like the plague and get anxiety over the thought that someone might ask me to dance. Additionally I’m pretty awful when it comes to memorizing sequences; I always lose at that Simon game! So while I’m excited about this class, I’m also terrified of it too and have already unregistered from it once! But don’t worry, I signed back up again and am going to face my fears. “A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there.”
  5. Blog once per week: I believe this was part of my new year resolution that I’ve failed at miserably! It’s not until I force myself to sit down and blog that I realize how much I truly miss expressing myself through writing. It needs to become a regular part of my life again.

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