3 Podcasts I’m Loving & Why | August 2018

I’ve only discovered the joy of podcasts and audio books within the past year. I almost exclusively listen to them while commuting to and from work, which makes for such better use of my time! Now I actually get to use this time to learn something, and/or improve myself whereas previously, I’d mindlessly listen to the same songs via the radio or Spotify, over and over and over again. While my rotation and subscription list includes many more fantastic podcast channels, the following is a list of my current favs, in no particular order:

  1. Talking Tastebuds by Venetia Falconer Binge Worthy! When I first discovered this podcast (well into its second season), I binged on it so hard! I could not get enough of it! This one is a must for anyone who calls him or herself a “foodie”. I feel like I’ve found a best friend in its presenter Venetia Falconer. Yes I know I’ve never met her, and yes I know that sounds like a creepy thing to say but it’s true. I’ve never met another person who has had a similar level of appreciation, enthusiasm and respect for food as I do, until now. She’s warm, friendly and relatable to boot especially because she’s also plant-based, however her guests’ preferences vary. Each episode is jam packed with interesting guests, stories, humor, and food-related chats that can reveal a lot about a person. I especially find her guests’ answers to the quick-fire rounds, and death-row/deserted island meal questions to be quite fascinating.
  2. Fit & Fearless by BBC Radio 5 Live Beginner Friendly Health, Fitness, Wellness This podcast consists of a panel of three fitness trainers, Tally, Zanna and Vic, also known as #GirlGains. I would highly recommend this podcast to anyone, but especially to women who are new to their health journey. These ladies talk about everything ranging from all things fitness to meditation to body confidence and even vaginal health! They are encouraging, motivating, and have an approachable realistic attitude towards wellness. If you only listen to one episode, please let #16 be it, “Why Should I Care About Body Confidence?”. They often include industry experts in their discussions and end every episode with a much-appreciated and informative segment called, “Myth Buster”.
  3. The Goal Mind by Adrienne Dione Self Improvement While I will admit that I am a few episodes behind, I have every intention to reprioritize this podcast in my rotation because it is basically GOLD. Listening to Adrienne will motivate you to stop making excuses with your life/goals, and to start taking action instead. We are seriously so blessed to have Adrienne share such useful tips, tools, and mindset coaching with us (for free!) that will literally transform your life if you so choose.

What podcast channels are you currently loving?

PS. In case you missed it, I had the honor of being a guest for another one of my fav shows: Vegan Danielle (Episode 69: “Mindful Meals”)

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