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Firstly, Happy New Year friends! I hope this year has been kind to you thus far. With the turn of the year many of us suddenly get excited about health, fitness, and diets in the name of setting a “new year’s resolution”! Lately my DMs have been flooded with such questions more than usual, so I thought I would take a moment to address the frequently asked fitness ones here:

Q: How often/long do you workout?

A: My fundamental philosophy to fitness is to be active every day no matter how small, like the #lunchbreakwalks you may see in my insta-stories, parking far away, and taking stairs instead of elevators. However, in addition I will reserve a dedicated time to sweat about 5 days/week, on average.

My current routine is a combo of 45 minute spin and/or yin yoga classes (2 to 3 days/week) and strength training gym-sessions (30 mins to 1 hour, 2 to 3 days/week). I generally use apps to guide my weight training days and am currently trying out one called FitBod, although my fav (but more expensive) app will always be Sweat by Kayla Itstines (PWR program with Kelsey Wells).

Q: Did you REALLY stop lifting weights? (This Q was in response to my insta-story, announcing that I was trying to reestablish a consistent strength training routine, after stopping a few months ago)

A: Yes… sort of! Even though I fell out of love with my routine 4 months ago, that doesn’t mean I dropped the weights completely! At the time I had joined a brand-new-to-me fancy gym and fell in love with the fitness classes they offered. My intention is to always do what makes me feel good instead of beating myself up for not sticking to something, so I simply traded one routine for another that still incorporated elements of strength training, but in a circuit/HITT group class style instead. Hello Tabata!

Q: But your arms are so toned! (Thank you) Do you take any supplements/protein shakes?

A: Not anymore. When I was consistently strength training about a year ago I’d finish each workout with a protein shake, thinking that it’d help my muscles feel less sore and aid in their recovery. Maybe that’s true, but now I no longer take any other supplements besides B12. Instead, I focus on eating a variety of wholesome plant-based foods (when I’m hungry), get my dose of vitamin D from the sun with my daily 20 min walks(#lunchbreakwalk) and stay consistent with my training schedule. **Please note, I am not a doctor or medical professional by any means**All opinions are my own, based off of my life’s experiences **

In the past few months I’ve had an epiphany about wellness which points back to the basics of respecting nature. It’s amazing that other creatures know what to eat, when to eat/stop eating, and even how to walk, fly, or jump. The intricacies of nature seriously blows my mind; its design is perfection! How come humans have made our lives and behaviors so complicated? How come humans (and our pets) are the only ones who struggle with obesity and obesity-related illnesses? Let’s take a step back and unlearn a few things!

With that said, I’ve been more mindful about challenging my beliefs and what society/marketing/media has “taught” me; I no longer believe that I need a manufactured protein shake exactly 30 minutes after lifting, for example. If I want one, I’ll have it… it all depends on how I feel! As another example, now I eat when my body sends me hunger cues vs. eating breakfast at x time every single day just because it’s x time and supposedly the “most important meal” of my life… when I may not even be hungry at that time. Also, who is funding the research that states such claims? Do they happen to be in the breakfast food industry, profiting off of your confusion? Trust your body instead, it knows what to do!

Q: Do you prefer morning or afternoon workouts?

A: I prefer working out before work. When I joined the gym, I tried adjusting to after-work evening workouts but it never felt right for me… I am no longer a member. My work-gym offers mid-day classes which also don’t feel right for me, besides the gentle yoga classes. Now I am back to waking up at 5:45AM to get my sweat on in my home/apartment gym or nearby spin studio, before heading into work. I love how energized it makes me feel, sans coffee! I also love prioritizing my health and getting in my me-time first thing, every day. It’s like meditation for me!

Q: Do you have any fitness goals for 2019?

A: Yes! Ironically my fitness goal this year is to find more balance. I appreciate the admiration I receive for being dedicated to fitness, however, behind closed doors I tend to still struggle with listening to my body and finding the right balance. For example, I know that I tend to have issues with my knees. I know that I should modify certain exercises or not do them at all, but somehow this logic flies out the window when I’m asked to do jump squats in a fitness class. Then like clockwork, a moment or two later I wonder why my knees hurt and sometimes struggle with the discipline of taking a break for however long they need to heal. I’m sick of this sick cycle and don’t want to permanently damage myself! If I have frequent knee pain, why was I planning to run a half marathon?

So this year my fitness goal is to actually honor and respect my body more. #balance If my body needs a break, I will give it one without any qualms or guilt-trips. Additionally, I will no longer push it to go harder than it needs to and embrace more gentle forms of movement.

Got any more questions? Comment below or feel free to share your own answers to these Qs! Also, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @shanalmoore where I frequently post daily vlogs about my lifestyle!

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