Stitch Fix vs Trunk Club | Review

I’m the type of woman who can’t be bothered with shopping! While I do feel better about myself when I take the time to make myself and outfits look “presentable”, the actual process of accumulating pieces feels like such a chore! I have a few ideas of why this may be the case, but I’ll save those stories for another day. Thankfully for me, services like Stitch Fix and Trunk Club have popped up and I decided to give them both a try. In brief, for a personalized styling fee of $20 to $25, selected items will be shipped to your door. You can try on all the pieces in the comfort of your home, and send back anything you dislike. You’ll only pay for the items you keep.

Stitch Fix: Your clothing will be selected based on a short styling quiz that asks you to rate different images, on a scale of hate to love, and set your budget for specific clothing categories. You’ll pay a $20 styling fee and set the frequency of “fixes” which could be anywhere from a one-time deal to monthly. 5 items will be shipped to you with each fix, plus any “extras” that you pick out yourself. Stitch Fix also offers styling services for men, children, and plus sizes.

Overall my experience was a positive one even though it felt impersonal. I sent a note to my stylist for further explanation of my wants, but no response was ever received which left me worried. However, I was pleasantly surprised by my fix. Although the pieces were basic, it included items that I needed. I received: 1 extra (a bra), a pair of dark denim jeans, a cardigan, and three blouses neatly wrapped in paper (yay for being eco-friendly!). I decided to keep the bra and two of the blouses. My fix included styling cards for the pieces received, however the suggestions showed them styled separately using items I didn’t own.

The return was easy. I had three days to send back any unwanted items and was provided with a pre-paid USPS baggie in order to do so. There is an extra 25% discount offered if all items are kept.

Trunk Club: Backed by Nordstroms, your clothing will be selected based on a live 10-15 minute consultation which is done via a chat box. You will be asked several questions about your style, needs, budget and desired trunk frequency. You’ll even have an opportunity to connect your pinterest board to your account. Such details will then get sent to a stylist, who will also connect with you in the following days once your pieces have been selected for a $25 styling fee. You’ll get a preview of the selected pieces plus an opportunity to reject them, with feedback to your reasons why, before they get shipped to you. The shipment will also include a few additional “surprise” pieces. Trunk Club originally started as a service for men, but now includes women and plus sizes too!

At first I was very impressed by the personalization of this service, especially in comparison to Stitch Fix. However, I was disappointed when my preview included several animal products (leather, silk, etc.) when I specifically stated my aversion to such items in the consultation. After rejecting the items, vegan replacements were made.

I received a total of 10 items and was surprised by how fast they shipped to me. My trunk included: 3 pairs of shoes, a cardigan, a pair of ripped denim jeans, and several tops. My dislike is that each item was individually wrapped in plastic which seemed totally unnecessary. I kept a pair of flats, the cardigan, and two shirts. Styling suggestions were available on my profile but unlike Stitch Fix, the pieces were styled together. This return process was easy too. The trunk included a pre-paid UPS label and any unwanted items were packed back into the box they came in. I had a total of five days to make my decisions, which gave me more time to try them on with pieces I already own.

If I were to only choose one of these services to try again my pick would be Trunk Club, even though I had a positive experience with both and would recommend either if you’re an anti-shopper like me. Although more pricey, if the idea is to pay for personal styling then Trunk Club definitely delivers. For instance, my stylist understood and communicated with me about my desire to build a capsule wardrobe; I could’ve easily said that I was looking for vacation outfits, or special occasion dresses instead and accommodations would have been made. I don’t recall if such preference details were a part of the Stitch Fix style quiz, however the lack of response from my note sent to the stylist was part of why the experience felt impersonal. Even though my preview included leather, the Trunk Club stylist quickly corrected the selections based on my feedback. Additionally, I can take any of the purchased items into Nordstroms for alternations.

Have you tried either of these services? Leave your thoughts about them below!

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